Newtown, CT (wild goose)



Yesterday, my daughter told me that her school runs lock-down drills called “Wild Goose.” This post about how she came to share this information.



I picked my daughter up from school early the day of the Newtown shootings. We walked out of the building five minutes before President Obama gave his heartrending address to the nation. Out on the sidewalk, I hugged her tight, told her that I loved her, and then gave her a quick rundown of what happened that morning in Connecticut as we climbed into the car.

We listened to the President in stunned silence for most of the ride home. She only interjected twice. The first time was to say, “It’s just like the shooting in that movie theatre!” The second time, she wanted to know what was going on during one of the President’s long pauses. I held up my hand for her to wait because it was clear to me that he had choked up. All she could hear was the sound of hundreds of shutter clicks in the background.

As we arrived home I mentally prepared myself for what I knew would be one of the toughest conversations I would ever have with her. I didn’t have time to read over any of the “How to Talk to Your Child About Newtown” articles that had begun to pop up. The look on her face said that she wanted answers NOW. So we walked into the house, sat down at the kitchen table and talked about it. I began the conversation with, “So… how do you feel about what you just heard?”

What happened next is posted below:




There are no amount of words one can speak to ease the pain of a parent who has lost a child, but I would like everyone affected by this tragedy to know that the world is with them and they are not alone in their grief. –hp




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4 thoughts on “Newtown, CT (wild goose)

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  2. Thank you for sharing your story, I started to cry again once your daughter did.. This matter will never leave my mind or anyone else’s but it’s nice to have things explained.

    • These things are never easy to absorb, but what saddens me most about the Sandy Hook tragedy is its direct impact on children. This isn’t one we adults can shield our kids from. Not this time. I’m sure that some parents will sweep it under a rug but right or wrong, I chose to educate.

      Thanks for reading.

  3. You handled this perfectly. Great alternative position to all the ‘psy-analysis’ standpoints on approaching your kids. Sometimes its best to let your children direct the conversation.

    Hopefully you’ll never have to have this chat again.

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